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Enhancing Proficiency in English Language (EPEL)

In our approach to provide need based learning for the different groups of students we adopt a dynamic model to suit the context of learning and teaching. EPEL consists of:

i) PIE – This is a storyboard approach developed by CfBT specifically for the purpose of familiarising children from non-English speaking backgrounds to adapt to learning in English. Placing emphasis initially on listening and speaking skills and then graduating to reading and writing, PIE has colourful laminated picture cards, flash cards, interactive exercises, worksheets, teacher’s manuals and learner friendly assessments at the beginning and end of each module. PIE is being implemented for Grades 1-3 for 25 GHP schools in Yadgir, Karnataka.

ii) Curriculum based approach- To enable students in Grades 4-8 cope with the upgraded English curriculum and develop soft skills such as emotional intelligence, leadership and motivation, this package consists of audio recordings of lessons and poems, attractive picture cards and flash cards, display material, role play cue cards, classroom activities, English Committees, competitions, assembly activities, and periodic assessments of teachers and students. Complementing these tools are the mobile lab classes, vacation camps, library books and graded reading materials.

An important element of EPEL is Teacher Training and Assessment wherein teachers are trained to transact the curriculum / PIE material. It consists of:

  • preparatory training in language proficiency for 60 hours
  • content based monthly training for 90 hours per annum
  • teacher assessment at the end of each training 
  • teacher feedback analysis