"CfBT, India is a not-for-profit education services provider, affiliated to Education Development Trust, UK"

Support for Language Teaching

The importance of English as a link language and important medium of communication can hardly be overrated. We deliver specialist expertise in English Language Teaching. Our programmes are tailor-made to span learning and teaching requirements at across different language backgrounds and levels. These programmes are designed to cater to children from backgrounds that have little or no exposure to English and to assist them in making the transition from learning in their mother tongue to learning in English. This is central to these children overcoming the equity gap to get a foothold in modern education. To ensure achieving this objective the following steps are undertaken:

Our Projects are:

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    Enhancing Proficiency in English Language (EPEL)

    To provide need based learning for the different groups of students, we adopt a dynamic model to suit the context of learning and teaching...
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    Enhancing Proficiency in English Programme (EPEP)

    The main components of this program involve teacher training and PIE approach for learning English...
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    Job Smart

    A comprehensive integrated approach for the development of essential skills among young professionals and graduates...