"CfBT, India is a not-for-profit education services provider, affiliated to Education Development Trust, UK"

Enhancing Proficiency in English Programme (EPEP)

The Main Components of EPEP are:

  • Teacher Training
  • Proficiency in English (PIE) for students

Teacher Training Entails

  • improving English language skills
  • adopting and implementing good teaching practices
  • receiving need based assistance from project coordinators for lesson delivery

Proficiency in English (PIE) for students is a storyboard approach developed by CfBT specifically for the purpose of familiarising children from non-English speaking backgrounds to adapt to learning in English. Placing emphasis initially on listening and speaking skills and then graduating to reading and writing PIE has colourful laminated picture cards, flash cards, interactive exercises, worksheets, teacher’s manuals and learner friendly assessments at the beginning and end of each module.