"CfBT, India is a not-for-profit education services provider, affiliated to Education Development Trust, UK"

Leadership Collaboration Programme

Under our guidance and monitoring, school leaders collaborate to improve the teaching learning process in their schools. The key aspects of this programme are:

  • Pairing school leaders in a co-coaching partnership
  • Developing the coaching and mentoring skills of these leaders acting as ‘leadership mentors’
  • Supporting relationship between partner schools to share good leadership and classroom practice for further improvement
  • Enabling leadership mentors to describe and track their own improvement journey

This Programme Aims to:

  • Provide support to school leaders in meeting challenges and demands
  • Equip school leaders with the skills and tools to succeed
  • Empower and educate school leaders in raising school standards
  • Deliver educational excellence
  • Enhance leadership skills and strategies that help both the schools grow and develop

The uniqueness of this programme is that school leaders overcome resistance to change within themselves and their staff as they pick the best practice from the field in the absence of a development strategy. A pilot project was successfully conducted in Mumbai with 19 private aided schools, following ICSE, IB, Cambridge & State Board syllabi and completed by January’17. There was an improvement between baseline and end line in the overall scores in the three areas of change:

  • School leadership outcomes
  • School based outcomes 
  • Teaching quality improvement

This programme was then contextualised and launched on 31 March’17 to meet the requirements of schools run by the Telangana Residential Educational Institutions Society (TREIS).