"CfBT, India is a not-for-profit education services provider, affiliated to Education Development Trust, UK"

School Improvement Through Stakeholder Capacity Building

Every child has the right to good quality education thereby improving his/her life opportunities. Improving learning outcomes is directly linked to the quality of teaching. The relationship between quality teaching and leadership development among teachers, education professionals and school management is vital. To facilitate high learning outcomes among students irrespective of the lack of equity in society, we provide teacher training and leadership training.

Drawing on our experience and know-how from years of ‘hands on’ approach in teacher training and improvement programmes for schools, we have designed two programmes for teacher training and a programme for school leadership development.

The Teacher Training Programmes Aim at:

  • enhancement of existing knowledge and understanding of modern teaching methods
  • application of acquired knowledge in real time practice
  • reflection on one’s professional skills and practices to modify future professional practices
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    Continuous Professional Development for Teachers

    This programme facilitates schools in attainment of international standards by achieving teaching proficiency...
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    Professional Development Programme for Teachers

    Developing further on teacher training, we offer this certification programme ...
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    Leadership Collaboration Programme

    As part of this programme, under our guidance and monitoring, school leaders collaborate to improve the teaching learning process in their schools...
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    Cambridge Professional Development Qualifications

    As an authorised Cambridge Professional Development Qualifications Centre since 2008 we offer two progressive professional development qualifications...