"CfBT, India is a not-for-profit education services provider, affiliated to Education Development Trust, UK"

Professional Development Programme for Teachers

Developing further on teacher training, we offer this certification programme which covers 4 phases to be completed in an academic year:

Phase 1: Training

Participants attend training for the modules selected by the school management.

Phase 2: Assignment

This phase consists of:

  • Provision of resource material by our personnel
  • Preparation of lesson plans by teachers
  • Scrutiny and feedback of these lesson plans by our personnel

Phase 3: Lesson Observation and Feedback

This phase consists of:

  • Lesson observation and verbal feedback by our personnel
  • Action plans shared by teachers with the school management
  • Follow up by CFBT with school management for implementation of  action plans

Phase 4: Certification

Participants successfully completing all the 3 phases will be awarded a Certificate of Participation.